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What We Do
We have vast engineering background of internal and external cabling, linking buildings overhead and underground with standard cable and fibre. Multi data cab installations, labelling and Fluke testing for network analysis.

Our main telephone systems are Alcatel-Lucent and Panasonic, using IP, digital handsets, and Dect mobiles to best serve our customers.

Call logging, voice recording, Voice mail and auto-attend, and conferencing. Unified messaging, i.e. voice mail to Email just a few of today's features.

With our partners we can arrange all types of line provision, analogue, ISDN, Sip Trunks, and quality high speed broadband, all with cost savings.

We can also provide expert advice on mobile phones and packages advanced networking and support, and can provide high speed secure point to point wireless network, saving thousands of pounds in rental for point to point cable.
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